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About me

Day to day I help build software that will engage customers, train employees, and increase brand's value. Additonally, I oversee development teams in establishng pipelines, processes, and goals to bring the most to every project I am apart of.

As a not so professional, I enjoy making video games in the Unity 3D engine and hacking together websites. I also run an small sports blog, and can be found on the stage performing improv comedy.



Developer/Co-Founder - Page Forty

Developed a sports blog using the Ghost platform. Continiously maintain backend for website hosting. Design promotional art for social media ad campaigns.


Development Manager - Jackson Dawson

Establish interdepartmental workflows and process. Provide technical requirements for projects including: scalability, localization, deployment, and analytics. Determine budget and timing of deliverables to clients.


Emerging Technologies Developer - Jackson Dawson

Created interactive 3D applications in the Unity 3D Game Engine. Develop and Design UI layouts and prototypes using Photoshop. Successfully deployed an interactive kiosk to over 1,500 locations in the US


Truth About Trucks Launch

The "Truth About Trucks" display is an in-dealership kiosks that delivers product information in a variety of media formats. The kiosks contains 2D graphics, charts, videos, and full 3D models. By engaging with the kiosks the customers becomes more informed and knowledgeable in the product.

The Orgininal Truth About Trucks Kiosk launched in 2014 and is still being updated to this day. I was the lead developer on the launch of the kiosk and in 2016 assumed the responiblites of manging the team that contiues to update this display. The application is developed using the Unity 3D game engine and has been highlighted by Automotive News.

Lincoln Experience Center Launch

The “Custom Fit Studio” is a fully interactive digital configurator that uses 3D models and high end visuals to build brand awareness and foster a connection between a customer and their numerous options. The display boasts an 85” 4K monitor on top that is networked to a lower 42” touch screen that drives the experience.

The Custom Fit Studio launched in 2016 at one California location and grew to a second in 2017. I worked with another developer on building the the application and maintaining it until 2018 where I began acting as manager for the team. The application is developed using the Unity 3D game engine and more can be learned about the LEC on their website.

Page Forty

Page Forty is a small sports blog that covers local and national teams across various leagues. The blog launched in April 2018 by two brothers that has hundreds of readers each month.

Page Forty was designed and built by myself orginally on the Wordpress platform before moving to the Ghost platform. In addition to the site itself, I manage the hosting and promotion of the site on social media platforms.

Halloweentown Series

The Halloweentown series consists of three games that were designed and built for a company Halloween party every year. The games are built in short time frames that resemble "game jams" more then full production. The party itself hosts a much younger audience and therefore the games refelect that in mechanics and design.

For all of the Halloweentown games I acted as primary developer and sole designer. All the games are built in the Unity 3D game engine, use both VR and traditional controls, and can be downloaded via Github. All art assets for the games are purchased from various artists on the Unity Asset store.

Python Taco Maker

Buy. Craft. Sell.

That is the strategy in running a taco empire in this simple game in which you buy various ingredients, decide what Mexican dishes you want to preapre, and then sell them to customers for a hefty profit!

Taco Maker is a console game that I built over a few days to teach myself Python. As I taught myself the scripting language, I wanted an end goal to work towards and the simple mechanics of the game were perfect for that. The full game can be downloaded via Github.

That Alex Boyd Site

Simply put, I am trying (and to a degree succeeding) to build this website. I am not a web developer by trade, but in a world of okay Wordpress themes I needed something more.

There are probably various things that are "incorrect" with this site if you talked to a senior full stack-developer, but it works. I learn something new each time I decide to add something to this site, and for that reason it is worth it.

Clique Kickstarter Demo

Clique is a isometric game focused on making the player feel what it's like to be left out and not belong through its gameplay. Eventually ending with the character ether finding their place in the world or bringing all the characters in the world together depending on the player's choices

For Clique, I was contracted for prototyping the main mechanics in the game for a GDC demo and eventual Kickstarter campaign. The game was developed in the Unity 3D game engine.

Precious Defender

A normal twin-stick shooter is given 360 degrees in this spherical twist on the classic genre! As the Precious Defender it is your job to blast away alien ships to defend your home planet. Guide your ship around the entire planet in search of the last of the aliens before another wave approaches!

Precious Defender is a mobile game that was developed using the Unity 3D game engine. All art assets were done by 3D artist Neil Jones and I acted as the sole developer. I had built Precious Commander when I was still learning Unity in 2012 and I consider it my first "real" game. Precious Commander can be donwloaded via the Google Play Store.

Toxic Cyborg Rally

Shoot cyborgs in this intense vehicle shooter! Be careful though, your vehicle may overheat and explode!

The simple tag line is for the first game I ever built in the Unity 3D game engine back in 2012. The game was built for a class project where I acted as the sole developer. The game can be downloaded still to this day via the Google Play Store. While not perfect or complex, it is a good reminder of where my passion for games started.



Bachelor of Fine Arts in Game Production

International Academy of Design and Technology