Ford GT Configurator

The Ford GT online configurator was created as a shopping tool for customers buying a 2020/2021 Ford GT. The tool was built in the Unity 3D engine and leverages the HDRP render pipeline for visuals. To make the tool widely available the project is hosted on Furioos and has the ability to stream high quality visuals to any device via a web browser.

The configurator was also highlighted by Manny Khoshbin on his YouTube channel where he configured his Ford GT Heritage Edition.

As the project manager I gathered requirements for the project, developed timelines & deliverables, and ran daily stand-ups. Additionally, I was responsible for coordinating the web development team building the site the Furioos application would be embedded on and worked with the concierge team on integration into the customer database.

This project was created by Texel Logic, a Jackson Dawson company.